Northside Group
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Physical Health

Engaging in physical activity, eating well and maintaining an awareness of how your body is feeling and why, is all part of the process of physical health. It is important to us at Northside Group that patients learn and remain conscious of their physical health, as it greatly impacts their mental state and overall wellbeing. Physical exercise is a known stress reliever with a great ability to positively improve our brain function and mood. At Northside Group we believe in the power of exercise and activity to stabilise mood, improve self-esteem, self-perception and increase confidence.

Northside Group offers exercise programs that cater to all age groups and levels of ability, in order to foster a positive and comfortable environment encouraging of each individual’s physical health improvement.  We educate patients on the positive benefits of exercise, while helping them implement regular sessions into their routine so that they can build long-term healthy habits to be carried with them in their future.

Northside Group employ a large ‘Northside Active’ team comprised of exercise specialists, personal trainers and health coaches. And we offer programs that cater to all age groups and levels of ability from Tai Chi and stretching to cardio, boxing and weight training. We actively guide patients through their journey to physical health, and amend their program along the way to suit their particular needs.