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Northside Group: Outstanding Mental Health Facilities in Sydney


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The Northside Group difference is our promise to you.

Our mission is to provide you with access to the best, evidence-based psychiatric treatment currently available within mental health.

Our approach to care is to combine your psychiatric/psychological treatment with a number of holistic programs which we believe essential in maximising your recovery and mental health.

We will craft and individualise a recovery based program for you that encompasses the Northside Group Difference to assist in maximising your psychological, physical, nutritional and social health.

We will support and encourage you to be proactive in enhancing:

  • Your psychological health with relevant psychoeducational, group-based therapy and individual counselling
  • Your physical health through a palette of graded and inclusive physical programs
  • Your nutritional health through metabolic monitoring and menus filled with enticing and vitamin rich food; and
  • Your social health by providing skills and opportunities in social wellbeing and self-determination.