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Young Adult Service

The Northside Group Youth Mental Health Service is a unique service designed to support mental health recovery for young people aged 16 to 25 years old. It incorporates both inpatient and day program services to support and promote the recovery and psychological wellbeing of young adults with severe and emerging mental health problems.

Northside Group provides person-centred care and cutting edge interventions in a safe, therapeutic and engaging environment. We work in collaboration with family and community to empower young people with the skills necessary to return to social participation and to continue on to a bright future.

Northside Group provides inpatient and day program services, as well as consultation rooms for clinicians. Our inpatient facility has 13 private rooms and a multidisciplinary team who provide a comprehensive program to engage patients in their mental health care.

The admitting psychiatrist will work with our experienced team of health professionals including specialist mental health nurses, psychologists, art therapists and music therapists, to create a treatment and recovery plan tailored to each patient’s needs. Northside Group also strongly believes in supporting families, and provides opportunities to attend Carer Support Groups.

The Northside Group Young Adult inpatient treatment program encompasses our Four Pillars of Health and Recovery to assist your psychological, physical, nutritional and social health. The group therapy sessions provide opportunities to learn and practise skills to optimise your mental health, whilst individual sessions with your psychiatrist ensure that your treatment plan is helping you work towards your treatment and recovery goals.

Once your symptoms have improved, our Young Adult Day Program can provide support and reinforcement of skills as you adjust to returning home. Our Day Programs are facilitated by psychologists and psychiatrists, and complement the care that you receive from your individual GP, psychiatrist and psychologist.

For further information on our Young Adult / Youth Mental Health Service please contact (02) 9433 3555.

Northside Group Youth Mental Health Specialists (please note some consultants may have outpatient rooms off-site)

Dr Nicole Burston

Dr Matt Hannon

Dr John Kasinathan

Dr Sloane Madden

Dr Moshen Mirzaie

Dr Sue Morgans

Dr Sian Ong

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