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PTSD - DVA Treatment Sydney

Following a traumatic event, some individuals develop anxiety and/or depression symptoms.  One form of anxiety disorder that can develop following a trauma is PTSD.

Services Available


Northside Group Cremorne Clinic offers specialised inpatient and day programs for Defence Force personnel experiencing anxiety and/or depression symptoms.  We offer a supportive, friendly and safe environment allowing you to learn and develop strategies to manage your symptoms, and reduce the restrictions that they place on your life.

Our inpatient service is run by an experienced multi-disciplinary team who will provide you with 24 hour care.

We will provide you with a comfortable, stable environment allowing you to focus solely on your recovery.

Through the inpatient service you will have :

  • Access to treatment ,information and resources to help support and drive your recovery goals
  • Have the opportunity to participate in our holistic care program designed to improve your physical, nutritional and social health.


Day Program

Our program provides education about PTSD, supportive group therapy for managing grief, survivor guilt and self esteem issues.

Day Program Timetable

Treatment Costs


The inpatient and day program treatment service for PTSD is available at Northside Group Cremorne Clinic.

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