Northside Group
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Drug & Alcohol Day Program

Our Drug and Alcohol program is abstinence based.  We support patients as they work towards the goal of living a drug and alcohol free life. The Drug & Alcohol day program focuses on two stages of recovery. Stage one addresses coming to terms with living drug/alcohol free and includes relapse prevention techniques.


Stage two focuses on the underlying issues relevant to the development of emotional wellbeing and ongoing abstinence. The program provides a supportive framework in which people can safely address their particular life issues and the underlying psychological problems; as well as share creative solutions to help achieve the goal of abstinence that leads to a fulfilling and healthy life. 


Patients in the drug and alcohol day program need to be under the care of a private psychiatrist if they are not seen one-to-one by the Day Program Psychiatrist. All patients must have a GP in their treating team. Commitment to the day program is the important step and the treating team at Northside assists in selecting the program that will suit the needs of the individual.


Admission to the inpatient program is not necessary for all patients, but for the majority it is essential. The depending factors are the current drug and alcohol use. In order to facilitate an admission to the day program without having been an inpatient we require an outpatient assessment by one of our Drug and Alcohol Specialist Psychiatrists. Our psychiatrist will then decide on the next course of action.