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Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Diagnosis of bipolar disorder is about differentiating what’s mania in the context of normal mood and also sometimes in the context of depression. The key symptoms can include a change in mood, a change in energy, drive and motivation. Most importantly, it affects functioning; the person may no longer be productive and may no longer be able to do the things they normally would be expected to do.

Services Available


Our inpatient service is run by an experienced multi-disciplinary team who will provide you with 24 hour care.

We will provide you with a comfortable, stable environment allowing you to focus solely on your recovery.

Through the inpatient service you will have :

  • Access to treatment ,information and resources to help support and drive your recovery goals
  • Have the opportunity to participate in our holistic care program designed to improve your physical, nutritional and social health.

 Day Program

The Supportive Day Program is designed to give support, education and skills training to improve the quality and enjoyment in life for people experiencing mental health problems, and to help prevent relapse and repeated hospital admissions. The group provides relief from social isolation and enables patients to discuss their current difficulties in a supportive environment and receive assistance with problem solving and goal setting. The Supportive day program is inclusive and accepts patients suffering from a myriad of issues and symptoms. A combination of therapies is utilised to deliver a program in a supportive, encouraging and learning environment.

Day Program Timetable

Treatment Costs

The inpatient and day program treatment services for bipolar disorder are available at all four of our clinic locations.

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