Northside Group
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Art Therapy Program  

Art therapy involves the use of art making for self expression and reflection in the presence of a trained art therapist. Clients who are referred to this program need not have had previous experience or skill in art. The art therapist is not primarily concerned with making an aesthetic or diagnostic assessment of the clients’ image. The overall aim is to enable a client to effect change and growth on a personal level through the use of art materials in a safe facilitating environment.

Art therapy is an excellent option for anyone experiencing distress and is especially effective for those who find it difficult to verbalise or acknowledge their feelings.

As well as drawing, painting and clay the art therapist may use creative writing, creative visualization, music and movement.

Art therapy helps people to:

  • Increase insight and awareness;
  • Release feeling and emotions;
  • Identify blocks to emotional expression and growth;
  • Develop creativity and self expression;
  • Develop self understanding;
  • Improve self esteem;
  • Solve problems and conflicts;
  • Increase communication skills;
  • Relax and develop focus;
  • Develop healthy coping skills.

Clients are able to participate in the art therapy groups while they are a patient at a Northside Group Clinic (in-patient or day patients).