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Unplug - Recharge your Mind

Apr 24, 2018

How long can you go without your phone? Learn useful tips on how to unplug from your devices, and experience the improvements in your sleep, energy and mental wellbeing.

More than ever we are relying on our phones to provide information about every aspect of life, including weather, navigation, and even what everyone is doing at any given moment in time. Do you rely on your phone for constant connection and information and find yourself feeling anxious or concerned if you aren’t able to check your phone for an extended period of time or even for 15 minutes? Smart phone addiction is a real problem in today’s society and as part of recovering your mind and wellbeing ‘unplugging’ may be useful. 


A Kent State University study showed that higher mobile phone usage correlates to higher anxiety levels. 


Aside from the obvious productivity benefits there are health benefits also - without your smart phone to provide hours of distraction you may find yourself heading outside, doing some exercise, playing with your children or pets or just doing another activity that may have otherwise been forgotten. If you just come home and sit on the couch with your smart phone in hand and scroll for hours upon hours you deny yourself these other opportunities. 


Useful Apps:


A useful app that can aid in reducing the time you spend on your smart phone is “Forest by Seektech”. This is a fun app where you grow your own tree by not leaving the app, if you leave the app screen, your tree dies and you have to start all over again. 


Another useful app that goes into more depth and helps you understand the time you spend on your phone and how you spend most of this time is “SPACE”. This app will track your phone usage and report back. Available for iPhone and Andriod.


The 24 hour challenge:

 Do you think you’d be able to not check your phone for 24 hours? This is the ultimate challenge: can text messages and social media wait until the next day? If 24 hours is too much of a challenge start with the two hour challenge and work your way up each day with an hour or so. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you aren’t falling into the social media rabbit hole


Get others involved:

Host an “Unplugged” dinner party: ask guests to leave their phones in a box by the door and set a fun challenge for anyone who can’t resist checking their phone, e.g. whoever checks their phone first has to do the dishes tonight! You’ll be surprised how after a few hours your guests will forget all about their phones and get lost in the conversation. 


“Spending just one day away from social media can be one of the best things you can do for your mental health” 

- Rare Thoughts