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A Northside Group innovation in mental health patient workbooks

Northside Group has launched their innovative patient workbook, CONTEMPLATE. A visual feast of articles, exercises and new possibilities, refreshing and modern, Contemplate will be used throughout the patient’s admission as a supplement to their Northside Group Four Pillar Program of Health and Recovery.

Each time a patient returns to hospital they will receive the next edition of Contemplate, which will have a new set of articles and exercises, building on the first book.

Anne Mortimer, CEO, Northside Group said “Prior to updating the patient workbook, we ran a number of patient focus groups. Overwhelmingly, the patients had found that having a workbook was beneficial to their stay and they all loved the idea of updating and producing a more engaging format”.

“A great deal of time and effort was invested in updating the old workbook to compile the best articles from the existing workbooks and combining them with new articles, in line with our Northside Group Difference and our Four Pillar Program of Health and Recovery.” Ms Mortimer said.

We also believe the workbook will provide an invaluable platform where 1:1 discussions could take place and an opportunity to have structured “minutes of care”. The patient can sit down with their clinician and their Contemplate workbook to discuss the exercises and articles that were most meaningful/confusing/exciting etc, forming the basis for a rich therapeutic interaction.

We have also incorporated into the workbook aspects of the National Mental Health Standards - Consumer Engagement, regarding goal setting and discharge planning.

Exclusive to the Northside Group, Contemplate reinforces our innovation in patient care and services.

Contemplate cover